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As an Infinite Labs Partner, let us…

  • Drive new visitors to your website

  • Increase web traffic and sales

  • Increase backlinks to your site

Infinitelabs.com is one of the  fastest growing content-based online platforms in the industry today. Infinitelabs.com continues to grow its vast customer database with updated research and information related to diet, nutrition, supplementation, and training.

Over Two Million Pageviews per month to bring traffic to your store. 

We have cultivated a highly-targeted demographic of fitness-minded consumers that can be converted into traffic for you!

Educated Consumer
Consumer education

At Infinite Labs, our number one priority as a Publisher is the education of our consumers. By providing them with a continual stream of updated information they can relate to, we provide them with the resources necessary to make more educated purchasing decisions to support their health and nutritional goals.

Create an emotional connection

Infinite Labs’ most successful partnerships emotionally connect the brand to the consumer, while staying true to the brand’s identity. Custom social posts are crafted in an authentic voice that is entertaining and informative. Our Partners can track content performance with our monthly reports.

Unlimited possibilities

By including ‘Call-To-Action’ banners on the homepage and within our articles, we have a unique ability to redirect our online traffic back to your store—ultimately increasing your online traffic and boosting your sales. In other words, Infinite Labs provides consumers with the information; your store provides consumers with the product and purchasing experience.

  • Over 500K unique visitors monthly

  • Over 2 million pageviews monthly

  • Highly targeted health conscious & fitness lifestyle audience

  • 50% are 18-34 years old

  • Educated consumers

Video helps convert over 60% of consumers online!

Infinite Labs original video content is designed for the social web. Our production team collaborates with our partners, and develop stories that engage consumers and communicate the brand’s aspirations.

How it all works


Infinite Labs creative and video teams work to craft original, custom content to help drive traffic back to your site.


Infinite Labs provides educational media to a targeted demographic to help customers make more informed purchasing decisions on your store.


Information is key. Our partners can track content performance with monthly reports.

Additional Infinite Partner Benefits…

Advertise with Muscle Media Magazine

Originally created as a resource directed towards a hardcore bodybuilding community, Muscle Media evolved into a more well-rounded publication by targeting broader lifestyle topics.

We a offer advertising space with Muscle Media Magazine. Advertising platforms include:

  • Musclemediaonline.com

  • Digital Download Magazine  

  • Print Magazine

  • Muscle Media on Apple News

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